Our Vision & Mission


The Three Part Vision
  1. Preach the Gospel to the world
  2. Take Care of the Widow and the Orphan
  3. Train Up Believers to Do the Work of the Ministry


1) Preach the Gospel to the World
The scriptural basis is found in two scriptures:
  • Mark 16:25- Preach the Gospel to the World
  • Matthew 28:18-20- Making Disciples


It is our desire to not only preach the gospel to the world, but also to connect those who hear the gospel to a local body of believers so they can be properly taught the life of a Christian. Thus making church partnership a key element in the success of what we do. We take this part of our vision into everything we do.
2) Take Care of the Widow and the Orphan
The Bible tells us that true religion is founded on two things, taking care of the widow and the orphan:
  • James 1:27- Help those who cannot help themselves


The widow and the orphan are two groups in society that were left without means, and without a voice. It is our desire to not only help the literal widow and orphan, but all who are left without a voice and the ability to take care of themselves.
3) Train Up Believers to Do the Work of the Ministry
If we are to build a ministry that is going to last long beyond our time here we must teach and train others to do the work we do:
  • Ephesians 4:11-12- Disaster training for church preparedness


It is our belief that the more prepared you are, the more impact you can have in a community. It is our desire to help the church prepare to respond to a disaster in their community. It is also our desire to train volunteers to be the most effective they can possibly be in a disaster area. Combining these two training desires, we bring the opportunity into the local church to plan, set up, and implement a disaster action plan.

Mission Statement

Helping turn lives right side up by turning the world upside down!
  • Our mission statement is based on Acts 17:6 when the disciples were referred to as “those who turned the world upside down.” The truth in our mission statement is that what was perceived as turning the world “upside down” was, in God’s eyes, turning it right side up.
There are two aspects to our mission:
  1. To serve and support ministry leaders during times of need.
  2. Helping the local church help people in their community during times of disaster.


We can help someone for a day and give them hope for that day, or we can teach them about Jesus and give them hope for a lifetime. One thing we have learned in this is that without giving them hope for a day we do not open the door to teach them about how to have hope for a lifetime.