• Louisiana Flooding

    photo credit: It’s impossible to watch the news without hearing stories about what is going on in Louisiana with the recent flooding. Some are calling it the 500 year flood. It has been said to be the worst natural disaster since Super Storm Sandy in 2012. With tens of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed this storm definitely put...

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  • Serve Tulsa

    What is Serve Tulsa? Because we are not able to work in disasters every day of the year we are asked one question more than any other. The one question we are asked is what we do when we are not in a disaster helping? The answer to that question has always been difficult. Because it’s impossible to schedule around a disaster and never knowing how l...

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  • Meet Jason Schneider

    Disaster Relief Coordinator, Abiding Word Church, Sterling, IL I did not grow up attending church; no one in my family did really. I attended church a few times a year with my wife when she would ask me to go with her. I enjoyed going with her and listening to the messages, it just wasn’t a part of my life. As time went on, I felt like I needed to go to c...

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