Disaster Response & Volunteer Training

Would your church know what to do if a major disaster struck our community? Would you know what to do in order to best help hurting people in their time of need? Do you know what to do when people from outside of the area want to come and help? We would love the opportunity to train your church leaders and volunteers on how to effectively minister to your community after a disaster. Your church staff and key leadership will have a session i order to learn how to prepare your church to respond. After this training, your church leadership will:

1) Have a realistic understanding of the impact your church can have on the community
2) Understand the practical ways your church can respond to a disaster and the different roles the people in your church can fill
3) Understand how your church can work in a united effort that will benefit the Kingdom

In addition, members of your church will be able to come to a separate training to learn how to be great disaster relief volunteers, both in your community and elsewhere. Your church members will learn:

1) How to be flexible, and the importance of flexibility
2) Your rights as a volunteer
3) Preparing to respond
4) Donating to the need

No one ever thinks that a disaster will strike in his or her own community. When it does, it is vitally important to have a plan in place of how to best respond. By preparing in advance, you can maximize your efforts. You can help prepare your church leadership and members to reach your community for Christ.

This two-part training is offered free of charge by Right Side Up Ministries. Please fill out the form below for more information or to schedule your event.

Disaster Training