Occupied ChurchLast month we announced that we had accepted a volunteer temporary associate pastor position at our home church. To be honest, when we were first approached about the position, we thought it was completely out of left field! I mean, we do outreach, not church ministry!

As we have settled into our place for this season, it has become more and more clear that God is still using our unique gifts and talents – even in a church setting. We are so grateful that God had planned a place for us to serve in ministry during a time when we are limited on our traveling.

One of our favorite things about working in disaster response is getting the opportunity to build relationships with volunteers. Now, overseeing the ministry of helps at our church, we are getting to do the same thing. Although the setting and circumstances may be different, the fit seems so natural to us.

Being in Tulsa for this season has also allowed us the opportunity to concentrate on financially preparing for our expanding family. Scott is putting his construction skills to good use by starting a handyman service. He is grateful to still get to work with his hands.

We are still working on expanding the potential reach of Right Side Up Ministries. We had an opportunity to speak to a group of Oklahoma pastors last month at a regional retreat. We were able to share with these churches in tornado alley about our training program and to encourage them to get involved with disaster response in their community.

Thank you for your prayers and support during this exciting season. We are so grateful for your partnership!