April Partner Letter

Do You Have a Plan

As tornado season gears up it’s time to talk about your disaster plan. What happens if you lose power for days, your house floods, or worse yet, it is destroyed by a tornado? What do you have planned in case of an emergency?

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Take some time today to prepare your home, family, business, and church. Here are some practical tips.

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Preparing to Respond

Each weather season carries it’s own set of needs for response. Floods, hurricanes, and tornados all require a specific set of tools and skills. What we do in a flood looks very different from what we typically do in a tornado, and hurricanes are a whole different game. The best way for us to be ready to respond quickly is having the tools for the season loaded and ready to roll!

With tornado season in full effect in Tornado Alley, we’ve been spending some time getting our chainsaws, wheelbarrows, safety equipment, etc. together. Unpacking and repacking the trailer with tools specific to the disaster season makes it much easier to have a quick response. Inspecting and doing routine maintenance on all of our equipment helps ensure that the tools we have are ready to run for many hours.

New Adventures and Camper Maintenance

Our biggest adventure lately has been camper maintenance. We’ve been able to do some much needed maintenance on the camper over the past couple weeks. One of the biggest upgrades we did was replacing our awning fabric. While doing some research we found that it would cost us a few hundred dollars to have someone do it for us. We decided to step out and do it ourselves. It ended up working out better than expected.

We found the fabric for a great price and with the help of a couple great friends we were able to replace the old torn fabric with this bright new white fabric. It took us a couple hours on a beautiful Saturday morning to upgrade this must have item.


Faithful Partners
Praise God with us for everyone who has supported us financially. We are so thankful and blessed to have each of you as a partner. Every bit of support helps and makes it possible for us to travel as a family and fulfill the tasks we have set before us.


Please pray and stand with us for all of our needs to continue to be met. God never ceases to remember us and provide all we need. He is our provider and He will always see us through!


– Please pray as we continue to adjust to tiny living and life on the road. The family is doing well, minus some baby hiccups as they adjust to life on the road and new scenery every week.
– Pray that God would give Madeline and Emily supernatural abilities to handle the long travel days and busy schedule as we meet with partners, friends, and family.

Please pray as we strive to be spirit led in the direction for our family and ministry.