This is a late September, early October addition of our monthly partner letter. You can expect another mid-late October.

Louisiana Flood Relief Work

We have been blessed to be a part of the cleanup and recovery efforts in and around Lafayette, LA from August 21-September 22. We have been working with Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette, LA. The photos below show what we were a part of during the relief effort. We gutted homes, handed out supplies, built bunk beds, and help start the rebuild process. We are planning to return in the near future to continue to help in the recovery process.

One mother of two told me that she had started to give up hope on being helped until we showed up at her door. Her husband works three weeks off shore with one week at home, so she has had to take on the clean up and rebuild efforts on her own. As we finished praying, she wiped her eyes and told of how thankful she was that somebody called and showed up. A hope that was beginning to fade away was renewed and a look of worry was replaced with a smile.

Some pictures of our time in Louisiana

Top: Panoramic of a bedroom almost completed with new drywall, taping, and mud.
Middle Left: Wet insulation being removed from home.
Middle Right: Some of the items given out to families in the St. Martinville area.
Bottom Left: Making bunk beds to house upcoming rebuild teams.
Bottom Right: Finishing up a tear-out.

Louisiana Rebuild Volunteer Opportunity

We are committed to help the people of Lafayette, LA through one of the most difficult times they have ever encountered. One way we can do that is by continuing to help through the rebuild process. Our Savior’s Church is continuing their efforts by supplying much needed supplies and volunteers to help those affected the worst. They have already begun the process and we are looking to come alongside them through this time.

We are currently making plans for a rebuild trip to Lafayette, LA toward the end of October. This trip will include tasks like installing insulation and drywall, taping and mudding, and possibly painting. If you are interested in being a part of this volunteer team, please contact us HERE.

You can also contact them directly to schedule your own trip. Just to sign up and register.

Current Ministry Needs

Fifth-wheel Camper
We are in need of a fifth-wheel camper with a toy-hauler to meet our unique travel needs for our new family. With this camper we will be able to travel as a family and fulfill all God has for us to do.
Truck Maintenance
We are currently in need of new brakes and shocks on the truck. Although we are able to do the work ourselves, we are looking for a partner who would be willing to help us with the cost of parts to complete the needed maintenance.
Monthly Partnership
We are always looking for new monthly financial partners to help us fulfill the call on our ministry and lives. We never charge anyone for anything we do. Instead we rely on committed loyal monthly partners like you to help us spread the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ to the world.

Louisiana Ministry Needs

We covet prayers. Prayer is our most important asset in disaster. You can sign up to become a prayer partner here.
We have never let money be the deciding factor in responding to disaster. With that said, this disaster has fallen a bit short in our financial needs. We are asking our partners to prayerfully consider giving to this need so we can continue to help those in need. God always provides, but He does so through dedicated partners like you. You can donate quickly and safely here.
We will be putting together a short-term trip to help in the rebuild efforts in Lafayette, LA. The trip will last from 3-7 days, depending on your schedule. if you are interested, you can contact us with any question or to volunteer click here.
You can find out more information about getting connected and being involved with what Right Side Up Ministries is doing by going to our