Feb/March Partner Letter

February/March Partner

We have spent the last four months serving alongside a Southern Baptist church, which some might seem odd for full gospel Bible School graduates to do.  I mean,  we don’t  really believe the same way about everything in the Bible, do we?

  • Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.- 1 Corinthians 12:27

The truth is that  Scott and I determined a long time ago that we were going to serve the local church regardless of our doctrinal differences. The only thing that matters to us is working with a church that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything else is beside the point.

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God Directed Appointments

(A Hurricane Harvey Story)

We met Terri when we were working with another local church spraying homes for mold. At first it seemed like any other spray job. We set the appointment on a Monday and sprayed on the following day. Everything was routine, but little did we know this was going be a God appointment.

After spraying the house we spent some time listening to Terri’s story. She’s a single mother of two with no flood insurance and no visible way to get anything done. During the conversation, we were prompted to share about a team we had coming that could possibly be able to help with the rebuild. She seemed excited and she promised to keep us updated on her progress and we promised to keep her need in mind.

Long story short, almost two months later we had a team come in from New Jersey. Everything worked out perfectly for them to hang insulation and drywall, make a few structural improvements, and grind grout off the concrete floor. When they left Terri couldn’t get over how much they had done in such a short time, leaving her in a position to move back into her home in a couple short weeks.

We’ve learned over the years that nothing is routine with God. No matter how mundane the task may seem, God always has a purpose in it. And sometimes He even shares with us in a tangible way what that purpose is. Because of your support we were able to help Terri and many others like her gain hope and feel burdens lifted. Thank you for all of your support during this response.

Visiting and Sharing

We had opportunities to give updates at a couple of our partner churches in February. We were able to share our heart and vision for what God has us doing. It was an incredible time connecting and reconnecting with people we love and respect. It was a homecoming of sorts for us after our time in Texas.

We have also had the opportunity to share our heart with the new pastor of one of our past church partners. We are excited to see where God will take this new relationship.

Over the coming weeks, we are hoping to be able to connect with a few more of our partner churches to give them updates in person. Keep a lookout on social media for upcoming dates and locations.



Prayer Corner


Praise God with us for everyone who has supported us financially. We are so thankful and blessed to have each of you as a partner. Every bit of support helps and makes it possible for us to travel as a family and fulfill the tasks we have set before us.


Please pray as we continue to adjust to tiny living and life on the road. The family is doing well, minus some baby hiccups as they adjust to life on the road and new scenery every week.

Pray that God would give Madeline and Emily super natural abilities to handle the occasional long days and busy schedule as we meet with partners, friends, and family.

Please pray as we strive to be spirit led in the direction for our family and ministry.


Please pray and stand with us for all of our needs to continue to be met. God never ceases to remember us and provide all we need. He is our provider and He will always see us through!