February Partner Letter

Dear Friend & Partner,

Disaster Training
As 2014 begins to build steam, we have been working on a curriculum for a disaster training program. Our plan is to make this program available to churches to help them prepare for and respond to disasters in their own community and across the country. We are planning a two session training, one Friday evening and one Saturday afternoon. Please contact us if you would like more information about this important training.

Blog Series
We are working on a new blog series that will help you become the world’s best volunteer. Through the many disasters we have responded to, we have seen volunteers from all walks of life and different areas of the country come lend a hand. We have seen many extraordinary volunteers, as well as some not so extraordinary ones. In this blog series we want to show you how to become a great volunteer, what the church needs most in their time of need. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for these blog posts on the ministry’s website.

Partner with RSUM
– Prayer Partners- If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner you can click the “Become a Partner” tab under “Partner” in the menu.
– Financial Partners- You can give financially through PayPal or mail a check to our address listed at the bottom of the page.
– Volunteer Partner- You can now sign up to volunteer with us under “Contact” in the main menu.

How You Can Help
– Share our ministry posts on social media. This is one simple way you can help us get the word out about our ministry.
– Help us get the word out about our work. Talk to your Pastor or your church’s missions board about what we do.
– Become a financial partner. Would you consider giving a one time tax deductible gift of $25 sometime this year?

Thank you for your involvement with our ministry. We know that together we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

God bless,


Scott and Dara Simons
Directors, Right Side Up Ministries


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