February Update from Honduras!

February Update

Honduras Country SideOur Time in Honduras is Coming to a Close!

It has been an incredible few weeks in Honduras. We have been able to come alongside the Goodwin family as the serve the people of Gracias, Honduras and the children of their Gospel Ranch. Each day has looked different for both Scott and Dara. We’ve held babies and helped with projects around the Gospel Ranch. We’ve visited local pastors and sat in on meetings about children’s welfare issues in the country. We’ve been able to learn a bit of the language and culture of this small mountain community. Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip a reality through your prayers and giving. We know that the seeds you sowed towards this time will produce a harvest in Honduras as well as your own life!

U.S. Travels

Map of the United StatesSupport Raising!

Upon returning to the U.S., we will be off traveling on a short support raising trip. We will be in Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, and Mississippi during the the months of March and April. If you would like us to come and share at your church, small group, or organization, please contact us and let us know. We always love to share about what God has done and continues to do through our ministry and the faithful support of our partners.

Honduras 2015

Coffee in a 100# SackHonduran Fun Fact

Coffee is the #2 export for Honduras. Coffee picking season typically runs from December through February, occasionally spilling over into March (as we are seeing this year). A good Honduran coffee picker can make $12 to $15 a day picking from sun up to sun down. That equates to $84 to $105 per week. It doesn’t seem like much, but most of the coffee pickers can make 80 to 90% of their annual income during the picking season. Much of the mountain regions rely heavily on the coffee industry to survive, so when there is a bad year it can greatly affect their families and villages.