January Partner Letter

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all of you for making 2016 an incredible year. We
were able to do many new things in 2016.We had incredible opportunities because of your dedication and support. Here is a brief recap of all we did:

Became parents
• 3 Storm responses in Tulsa, OK.
• Kicked off our Serve Tulsa outreach.
• Responded for 5 weeks to flooding in Louisiana.
• Made two return trips to help in the rebuild process in Louisiana.
• Help close pastor friends of ours by filling in at the pulpit.

Your support has been so vital to the work that we do. Here are some goals for 2017:
• Continue to respond to disasters all over the country.
• Revamp our disaster response curriculum to better prepare churches to respond.
• Revamp our website and increase regular content updates.
• Increase our volunteer base to better serve those we assist.
• Continue to expand our Serve Tulsa project.
• Travel more as a family in disaster response.
• Grow our financial support by $2017/m in 2017.

Ministry Prayer Points

Fifth-wheel Camper
We are in need of a fifth-wheel camper with a toy-hauler to meet our unique travel needs for our new family. With the camper we will be able to travel as a family and fulfill all God has for us to do.

$2017/m increase in 2017
We are looking to increase our monthly financial support by $2017.00/m in 2017. With a steady increase in expenses we are in need of an increase in partners to help us fulfill the call on our ministry and lives. We never charge anyone for anything we do. Instead we rely on committed loyal monthly partners like you to help us spread the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ to the world.

Become a 2017 Financial Partner

We are looking forward to what God has in store for us this year. We know many of you are regular financial supporters, and we are so thankful for that. You helped make 2016 an incredible year. In order to help make 2017 even better we are starting a new giving campaign. We are asking that if you are not a regular monthly supporter that you would prayerfully consider becoming one. Through your regular monthly giving we are able to budget our expenses and better prepare to respond to disasters.

Our goal is to increase our monthly support by $2017.00 in 2017! The increase in budget makes it possible for us to better prepare for a response, as well as helping us takes steps toward purchasing a fifth-wheel camper so we can travel as a family. It also will open up more opportunities for us to expand our Serve Tulsa outreach and bring another family in need into the program.

Giving is easy, with several options available. You can give one-time gifts through the donate button on our webpage. You can also sign up for recurring monthly donations by clicking the “Donate” button on our website and scrolling down to the “recurring donation” section. As always, you can make checks payable to “Right Side Up Ministries” and mailing them to:

Right Side Up Ministries
PO Box 33464
Tulsa, OK 74153

Personal Prayer Points

Dara, Madeline, and Baby Simons
– Please continue to pray for Madeline’s growth and development to stay on track. Everybody is excited about how well she is doing.
– New baby Simons is growing as expected. We are excited for it’s April debut. Please pray for continued growth and and on time uneventful birth.

Continued Direction
– Pray for God to continue to expand and grow our vision and the impact our ministry has for the Kingdom!
Pray for us to continue to follow God’s leading in our lives and ministry.
– Pray for us to continue to follow God’s leading in our lives and ministry.