January Update!

From a Director’s Heart

“For everything there is a season…”- Ecclesiastes 3:1. This scripture has been resonating in me for a few months now. We are in a different season! As you know, Dara and I are expecting our first baby in March. In September, we became associate pastors at Occupied Church, overseeing ministry of helps.

We have spent more time in Tulsa over the past few months than we have since Missions School ended in 2012. We are feeling a bit like fish out of the water! This is new territory for us and has led to us re-evaluating ministry as we know it. We know things are changing and we are praying those changes through. We ask that you join us in prayer as we walk through this season together.

2016 Vision

With all the unknowns for 2016, here is what we know:

  • We will become parents!
  • We will respond to as many disasters as we are able.
  • We will continue to serve the local church during a time of disaster.
  • We will continue to serve our local church as associate pastors for as long as God wants us to.
  • We will continue to offer free disaster response training for churches and organizations.

Current Needs

In order to respond to disasters in 2016, what we need and the way we travel and do ministry will need to change. Here is a short list of our current needs as we begin 2016 and prepare for the spring disaster season:

  • Fifth-wheel toy-hauler camper for our family to stay in and to haul tools and supplies to disasters
  • New tires for the truck
  • General maintenance on the truck, including new brakes
  • An increase in monthly partnership
  • Additional tools added to our inventory

You can find an updated list of needs under the “Get Involved section” on our website, rightsideupministries.org

Multiplication: Abiding Word Church, Sterling, IL

Our vision for disaster training has always been to multiply ourselves so we can impact a community in disaster even if we cannot make it ourselves. We recently have seen this come to pass as one of our RSUM trained partner churches responded to the recent flooding in Missouri.

They were able to spend several days helping muck out flooded homes and minister to hurting people. By taking their desire, mixing it with our training, and having a go get it attitude, they are impacting the Kingdom in a huge way. Their church’s mission is to “Love God, Love People, Serve the World.”  They’re definitely doing what they can to live the mission!  You can read more about their trip to Missouri by visiting their blog at abidingwordchurchdisasterresponseteam.wordpress.com.

Get Involved Today!

Please take a moment to prayerfully consider how you can get involved with RSUM in 2016. There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Prayer Partner
  2. Volunteer Partner
  3. Financial Partner

More information on how to get involved can be found on our website. Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this time and the years to come!