July Partner Letter

JunScenic Photos at various stages of our trip.e Travels

We had a great time on the road through the month of June. We were able to meet with partners, partner churches, friends, and family. We had the opportunity to share our ministry passion with many new friends we met along the way.

 Here are some trip highlights:

  • Visited 13 states and traveled through Canada.
  • Spent 30 nights in 14 different places in 8 states.
  • Drove 4,037.9 miles.

Disaster Ministries Conference

Scott was able to attend the 4th Annual HDI Ministries Conference held on the campus of Wheaten College. It was a great time of listening, learning, and networking.

The theme for this year’s conference was Caring for the Vulnerable. The conference covered everything from ministering to people in personal crisis to compassion fatigue (knowing the symptoms and how to avoid it) to working in communities in crisis and the current world refugee crisis.

There were stories from refugee camps, active shooter situations, hostage situations, and natural disaster experiences, all leading back to one hope- Jesus Christ. Speakers from all over the country and the world, from all different backgrounds made this a great conference and well worth the time.

Various pictures of Madeline's expressions.

Madeline Update

Madeline is quickly approaching six months! Can you believe it? She is a born traveler and enjoyed herself

 every step of the journey.

Here are a some of the “Many Faces of Madeline” as she logged her first 4k miles of traveling for Right Side Up Ministries. She brought some new challenges to our travels, but most definitely made the trip special.

Crazy Tulsa Weather, Round 3!

This past week we saw more Trees down on a house.severe weather in the Tulsa, OK area. There was one small tornado that briefly touched down just northwest of Tulsa, causing minor damage.

The worst of the storm was the straight line winds that reached gusts of over 100 mph, causing widespread damage from Tulsa all the way to the Arkansas border. We have been busy helping those in need with tree removal and yard cleanup. Thanks to Jeremy Brittain for helping us get the work done.

Get Involved

  • You can help! There are several ways you can get involved. You can become a financial supporter. By doing so, you make it possible to purchase needed materials and supplies.
  • You can become a volunteer. If you live in the Tulsa area, we would love to have you come out and give us a hand. Would you be willing to donate some time in the area of your expertise?
  • You can become a prayer partner. You will have the opportunity to pray for specific needs as we continue to work through the Serve Tulsa project. There are several ways to get involved with this awesome program.Drop us a line at scott@rightsideupministries.org to let us know how you would like to help.

Current Needs

Here is a short list of our current needs as we begin 2016 and prepare for the spring disaster season:

Fifth-wheel toy-hauler camper for our family to stay in and to haul tools and supplies to disasters

General maintenance on the truck

An increase in monthly partnership

Additional tools added to our inventory (a huge thank you to Chelsea for helping increase our tool inventory)

You can find an updated list of item needs under the “Get Involved” section on our website, rightsideupministries.org.


In the Weeks to Come:Serve Tulsa 

Great progress is being made at Betty’s house. We will continue to raise money and work to make much needed repairs on her home.

Disaster Response

We will continue to prepare for future disasters.

We continue to seek opportunities to help churches and organizations prepare for disaster in their communities.

Rhema Campmeeting

We will be attending Rhema for Campmeeting this coming week. It is a great opportunity for us to reconnect with fellow Rhema graduates, friends, pastors, and ministers.