July Partner Letter

Stepping Out!

We seem to be in a season of expansion here at Right Side Up Ministries. In every area of our lives and ministry, God seems to be pushing us to go further, to grow deeper, and to believe bigger than we ever had before. We have spent the last two weeks looking into some opportunities to branch out into new areas of ministry.

One of these areas is in rebuild projects for survivors of disasters. We recently made a trip to Pensacola, Florida to seek out a church partner for a potential fall rebuild project.  We also spoke with the town officials to find out about the permitting process.

While we were in Florida, we had the opportunity to help Unison Harvest International with a renovation project for Melody Church in Live Oak, Florida. The church was flooded in 2012 by Hurricane Debbie, and recently received a FEMA grant to renovate their youth room that also serves as their Christian school’s auditorium. Isn’t it so much like God that as we step out to follow His leading to expand into disaster rebuild projects, He would open up a door for us to help out with a project to renovate His church?

Please be praying with us as we continue to seek God on the right place and the right time to take on a rebuild project. Please also be praying for the family that we will eventually serve, that we might be able to clearly live out the Gospel in front of them and point them to the One who is ultimately able to rebuild every aspect of their lives. Thank you for partnering with us through your prayers, finances, and support. We could not do any of this without you!

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