June Partner Letter

On April 30, the heaviest rain since the late 1800s fell in Pensacola, Florida. Some areas received two feet of rain within a twenty-four hour period. The water did significant damage around the Pensacola area. Scott is helping with flood relief work from June 7 to 20. The following is his update from Pensacola:

 “As I sit here late at night exhausted from another long day in the heat and humidity, I think about how much I don’t want to write this. Then I think about how if I didn’t write this you wouldn’t hear about how three homeowners at my first two houses accepted Christ for the first time. You wouldn’t get to hear about Vicki and Edel, two Filipino immigrants, each occupying half of the duplex we were working on, and how they would secretly tell us to pray for the other over themselves. You wouldn’t get a chance to hear about Jim, Kathy, or Ferris, homeowners who all broke down in tears as we presented them with a Bible and prayed for them before we left. You wouldn’t have a chance to hear about how people feel alone and abandoned, especially six weeks after a disaster, and how we are able to restore hope in them as we dig through their mess and help clean up their lives. You wouldn’t get to hear about Pensacola and how it has left an impression on my heart and put a desire in me to go beyond what I think we can do. But you do get to hear, because I push through, even in the longest and most tiring days to bring hope and healing to those hurt most by this disaster. Thank you for making it possible for Right Side Up Ministries to have an impact in Pensacola, FL. We could not be here without your support.”

We are also excited to be teaming up with Knowing Hope Ministries to start a new project to minister to children after a disaster. We are putting together backpacks filled with art supplies, games, and a children’s Bible to give to kids in our next disaster area. So often we see kids shuffled around as their parents are overwhelmed by the amount of decisions to be made and things to do. We want to be able to tangibly show kids that God loves them even through their current loss. We want to give them hope, as we help their parents have hope as well. If you would like information on how you can help, please email dara@rightsideupministries.com.

Thank you for helping us go spread the love of Christ! We could not do it without you!

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