Late October Partner Letter

We’re Going Back to Louisiana

We are currently planning two trips to Lafayette, LA to help in the rebuild effort. One will be Nov. 10th-13th, partnering with Occupied Church, and the other will be Dec. (Date TBD). If you are interested in either of these trips please let us know by filling out our volunteer form. Type “Louisiana Trip” in the space provided at the bottom and we will be in contact with you shortly.

We will be working with Love Acadiana, an outreach branch of Our Savior’s Church. There will be a cost for this trip. Check back to our website, we will have more information available soon.

Below are a couple photos from our last trip. If you’ve never done a trip like this before it will be well worth the time and money to experience how God is involved with disaster response.

A New Addition

Madeline wearing a t-shirt that says, "This is what an awesome sister looks like."

New Baby Ultrasound

We are excited to announce that in April we will be adding to our family! As the due date continues to get closer we are asking our partners to pray for us. There are many challenges we face doing disaster ministry and raising a family. We are thankful that our God is big enough to cover it all!

The End of a Season

Occupied Church LogoOctober is bringing some big changes to our lives. We have stepped down as volunteer associate pastors at our church so we can begin to focus on Right Side Up Ministries full time. We will not be leaving the church, but simply stepping down from our role as leaders and stepping into our role as members. This transition comes after much prayer and guidance from God. We know this is the right move for us and for our church family.

During this time of transition we have been working closely with our pastor and church leadership to ensure that everything is set and ready for our departure. We have had an incredible time in leadership and have learned many valuable lessons that will stay with us far beyond our time on staff.

Current Ministry Needs

Fifth-wheel Camper

We are in need of a fifth-wheel camper with a toy-hauler to meet our unique travel needs for our new family. With this camper we will be able to travel as a family and fulfill all God has for us to do.

Truck Maintenance

We are currently in need of new brakes and shocks on the truck. Although we are able to do the work ourselves, we are looking for a partner who would be willing to help us with the cost of parts to complete the needed maintenance.

Monthly Partnership

We are always looking for new monthly financial partners to help us fulfill the call of our ministry. We never charge anyone for anything we do. Instead we rely on committed loyal monthly partners like you to help us spread the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ to the world.

Prayer Points

Hurricane Matthew

  • Please stand with us as we pray for those affected by Hurricane Matthew.
  • Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to be met.

Dara, Madeline, and Baby Simons

  • Please continue to pray for Madeline’s growth and development to stay on track.
  • Pray for Dara and new Baby Simons that everything continues to go smoothly.

Continued Direction

  • Pray for us to continue to follow God’s direction as step away from church ministry and focus on RSUM more.
  • Pray for our upcoming trip to Louisiana, that we would have a great trip and impact the Kingdom with the work we do.

Scott, Dara, and baby MadelineWhat part can you play in restoring hope and faith in hurting communities?

We cannot thank you enough for your continued prayers and support. It truly humbles us that you would partner with Right Side Up Ministries. The work we do could not be possible without partners like you. Your hand is on everything we do.

You can get more information about all that we are doing by visiting our website at

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