May Partner Letter

Bridge Creek, Oklahoma: Helping Affected Families in the Name of Jesus!

Last WedneBridge Creek, OK Tornadosday evening, an EF-3 ornado hit several small communities in central Oklahoma. None were hit harder that Bridge Creek, OK. We were able to spend a few days working with local residents and helping them
cut trees and clean up their yards.

Al is rebuilding for the second time. They were hit by a tornado in 1999 that caused extensive damage to their home. Now Al and his wife are doing it all over again. He told us how he hates to ask for help. Fortunately we were able to offer help before he had to ask. Pray with us for Al and his wife as they rebuild their home and lives for the second time. Pray that God would continue to surround them with peace and love during this difficult time.


Van, Texas- An Opportunity to Show LoveVan, TX Tornado

Sunday saw another day of severe weather. This time an EF-3 tornado hit the small tow
n of Van, TX. Two people were killed and dozens were injured, while causing an estimated $40 million in damages.

We are heading to Van on Thursday to see how we can best help. We don’t know what to expect, but we can be sure that in it’s wake, the tornado has left a path of hurt and hopelessness. Thank you for making it possible for us to help in the name of Jesus.

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