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The new website is Please visit it for more information on events, projects, and to apply for help. Here are our two current projects:

The Mashburn project

This project is local to Broken Arrow, OK. It is to help a couple who needs a new roof. The insurance company is giving them money to replace the roof, but they have a $500.00 deductible, which needs to be paid upfront. If you would like to help with this specific project please click on the link below to donate quickly and securely through PayPal.

The Haiti Church Project

After visiting Haiti last year I met a young Pastor named Lionel Zephyr. He has a small church near Port-au-Prince. Through the last year I have spoken with him several times, and through much prayer I have decided to help support his church. This project is designed to help them relocate and buy essential items so they can increase their impact in the local community.

As many of you know, the earthquake was the beginning of a crazy year for the Haitian people. Flooding and lack of good sanitation created a cholera outbreak that swept through majority of the Haitian cities. With many still living in tent cities, it created a very serious situation. Since then, Haiti has been going through political unrest, which has resulted in violence and death. With so much hanging in the wings, this is an opportune time to get involved and help support Haiti. We are dedicated to doing what we can to help this young pastor and small church grow into a strong presence in their community. Here is a list of current needs and costs as sent to me by Pastor Lionel:

Project: to rent a better space, musical instruments, and chairs for the church

  1. For the rental space- $2500.00
  2. Chairs- $1000.00
  3. Drums- $900.00
  4. Four wireless microphones- $200.00
  5. Bass guitar- $500.00
  6. Guitar- $500.00
  7. Mixer- $1000.00
  8. Generator for power-$1500.00
  9. Keyboards- $500.00

The total of this project is $8600.00 US. The desire is to raise all of the money needed to relocate and furnish this growing church. It is also desired to raise extra to bless the pastor and his family and help support him in his work. If you would like to give to this project please click the link below and scroll down to the Haiti Church Project and click on the “Chip In” button.

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