Our Walk, Our Life, Our God

I had just shared my vision for ministry and how I wanted to help people affected by disasters. I was told that I should help support my ministry by charging people who have insurance so I can do free work for those who do not. When I responded that I don’t and won’t charge people for anything, I received a sideways look. The idea that I would work so hard for someone who had other resources made no sense to this person. It was the first time that I realized my ministry and lifestyle were foreign to many of those around me.

A short time later, now married and planning for a family, we were talking to some friends about kids and how we would have to figure out a plan for our traveling lifestyle. Somebody made a comment about how we had four or five years before we needed to find a place to settle down so our kids could have a normal life. It was the second time I realized our ministry and lifestyle were foreign to many of those around us.

Fast forward a few years later. We had just come up with a curriculum to help churches prepare to respond in their own community. As I was sharing about how we wanted to go to churches to teach them how to respond I was advised that we should charge for the classes to help support the work we do in disasters. It was the third time I realized our ministry and lifestyle were foreign to many of those around us.

The truth is, our ministry and lifestyle don’t always make sense to us. We have conversations about how we sometimes wish we could know more about what is coming, or how long we will be in one place or another. We long to be able to plan weeks in advance where we’ll be and when. Our lifestyle isn’t always convenient, but it’s never boring.

It’s never boring because the God we serve is never boring. He will take us to the craziest of places if we are willing to share His love to others. If we are willing to tell the masses about what Jesus did for us there is no limit to how far He will take us. People need to know Jesus in all walks of life, across all ethnic, race, and economic classes. This is why we do what we do. We don’t do it so we can make money or be the best known in our Christian circles. We do it simply because people need Jesus and we want to show His love to those in need.

God honors those who honor Him. How do we honor Him? Simple, by listening and doing exactly what He is asking us to do. And He expects us to do it exactly how He tells us to, regardless of how crazy or unusual it may seem. If God has called you to do something different be encouraged with this, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. God loves to work in unconventional ways.

Is there anything you should be doing for God that seems strange to you? Are you willing to take a chance and do it? The end results of obedience may surprise you and take you places you never expected.