September Partner Letter


Big Family News!

baby bootsWe are very excited to announce that our family is growing! Baby Simons will be making his or her appearance in mid-March. Dara and the baby will be spending tornado season at home in Tulsa, while Scott will continue to serve disaster affected communities.

Please be praying with us a for a continued easy, healthy pregnancy for both Dara and the baby.


We’re Associate Pastors 
Occupied ChurchWe have accepted a temporary volunteer associate pastor position with our local church. We will be overseeing ministry of helps and outreach.We have always believed that the mission of Right Side Up Ministries is to help the local church reach their community in time of need. We’d always seen that as disaster response- helping in the community’s time of need.We see this position with our church as a way to help our local church reach it’s community during the church’s time of need. We are very excited to be able to fill a need in the church while we are spending more time in Tulsa during this season.

Please know that we accepted this position with the understanding that Scott will be free to travel and respond to disasters as needed. The primary focus of our ministry remains disaster response. Please be praying with us as we look to serve our local church and community, while also serving areas impacted by disaster.


Are You Prepared?
National Preparedness MonthSeptember is National Preparedness month. After seeing firsthand the damage that natural disasters can do, we firmly believe that every family needs to be prepared in order to be able to help themselves and their community.The number one statement that we hear after disasters is “We never thought this would happen here.” The truth is that disasters can affect families and communities anywhere. Take the time to get prepared now!For personal preparedness tips, visit For tips on how to prepare your church to respond in a time of disaster, please contact us about our free training.

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