Serve Tulsa

What is Serve Tulsa?

Because we are not able to work in disasters every day of the year we are asked one question more than any other. The one question we are asked is what we do when we are not in a disaster helping? The answer to that question has always been difficult. Because it’s impossible to schedule around a disaster and never knowing how long we have in between disasters, it is not possible to plan anything else. It is very important for us to live up to our word, making it virtually impossible to commit to anything. This is why we decided to get involved in community projects in Tulsa. We can commit as opportunities and schedules make themselves available. It a win-win for us to fulfill our ministry vision and bless those living closest to us.

As our desire to help our own community grows so does our push to make it a reality. With what started out as a small 1 or 2 day project has now turned into a long-term project with real hopes for future expansion. Our desire is to have a real impact in our own community through service projects that include home repairs/remodel, yard cleanup, and more.

Current Project

Our current project is with Betty. She is in her 80’s and a widow living in N Tulsa. We have had the Photo of Betty Hickmanincredible privilege of building a friendship with her over the past few months. Much has been done to help renovate her home, but there is much more to do. We are looking to complete a roof and siding project, as well as update some electrical and plumbing issues. Our current timeline has us starting work this fall on the roof and siding and finishing sometime in the spring.

If you are interested in helping financially you can click the “donate” button in the lower right hand corner, then specify Betty Hickman in the message area of the donate page. If you would like to volunteer with this project click on our “volunteer” button half way down on our home page.

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