A Social Prayer Site?

The purpose of this blog really is to talk about what is going on with Right Side Ministries. I suspect, however, that this will turn into much more than that. I can see this being an avenue to spread teach the Word and spread the Gospel. In this instance I will stay true to the original purpose and take a moment to talk about the latest project that is underway with Right Side Up Ministries.

The project is called Confess/Pray/Heal and is based on the scripture in James 5:16 “Confess [your] trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” It is a web based social prayer and support site. The idea behind the site is to give people a very real and safe way to get some things out in the open. Most of us have had something happen in our lives that we are not proud of, but what happens if it  is something that we are too scared or embarrassed to share with those in our church? What if it is a thing that we still have not been able to defeat in our lives? What if it is something that is creating a distance between us and God? Church is a great place, but let’s face it, it’s not always the safest place to share some of our deepest struggles we face in today’s world.

The idea behind this site is that you can share as much information about yourself as you are comfortable. You can also share as much information about your situation as you are comfortable. After you post your “confession” people will be able to post prayers, encouragement, testimonies, scriptures, web links, or anything else that may help you. You will have the option to get emails notifications of the responses to your post. This is all done under the “CONFESS” tab on the site.

There will also be a “PRAYER” tab on the site that will give you the opportunity to share prayer requests. Again, you can leave as much information as you are comfortable leaving. Once you post a prayer request people will be able to post prayers specific to you request and you will have the option to receive email notices on any prayers posted.

There will be a third tab, “TESTIMONIES”, where you will be able to post updates and praise reports about how God has moved in your situation. Like the rest of the tabs, you share as much information as you are comfortable with and others can post comments in response to your praises. You will also have the option to receive email notifications to any responses given.

The final tab will be the “BLOG” tab, which there will be a weekly blog related to the site. This may include scriptures of encouragement, update information, or just about anything that related to the site.

There is a temporary page explaining how the site will look and what you can expect to see when it goes live in the coming months. You can also give your input by sending an email to help@confessprayheal.com. Please feel free to email any ideas, suggestions, or insights you may have about this site. You are also welcome to send any prayer requests through the same email address. You can access the site at www.confessprayheal.com.

I hope that you can see the heart behind this project. It is designed to help us get back to the original church. The idea of having a safe place to share our real lives and encourage those around us and help each other reach a closer, deeper relationship with God. I look forward to seeing how this project will take shape and how God will use it to change lives for His Kingdom.