I recently received an email from Pauline Herrera. She was writing me from Belize. She told me of all the things that she was doing during her time there. At the end of the email she wrote this:

“I cannot appreciate and thank you enough for the bibles, it was received with thanksgiving. I always gave my testimony when I was a little girl one of my sisters send me a bible from the United States and because I read my Bible. My life today has changed for the Glory of God.”

It was a blessing to here from her and to have an update about how things were going. I also received, through a blog, this update from Unison Harvest International:

Nepal Campaign April 22-25, 2011 Over 5,000 souls saved! Thank you partners!- Unison Harvest International

I started to think that if these updates where a blessing to me, then they would be a blessing to you. These are just a few updates that I have as a follow-up to the latest RSUM Partner Letter, which I outlined the many different ways RSUM is making an impact around the world with your financial partnership. You played a vital role in all of this coming to pass:

  1. Rhema Bible Training Center just graduated anther 407 2nd year students this past Friday night.
  2. Family Worship Center had their new church building dedication on May 8th.
  3. The roof in Broken Arrow was completed at no cost to the homeowners.
  4. The Broken Arrow Bible study continues every Saturday morning.
  5. Testify Skateboard Ministries has started their weekly Skate Church.
  6. I continue to minister every Friday at the Family and Youth building at the John 3:16 Mission.

I hope that these updates are as much of a blessing to you as they have been to me. I look forward to seeing where the future will take Right Side Up Ministries through your dedication to partner with us. Be Sure to visit the Right Side Up Ministries website.

Thank you and God Bless

Scott Simons
Founder/ Director
Right Side Up Ministries

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