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In-Country Missionaries, They Really Do Exist!

How Do You Get Paid? Often we’re asked some candid and to the point questions about our lives by people who hardly know us. It’s nothing new, it happens all the time. Over the years we’ve learned how to deal with these questions, but we still find them difficult at

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June Partner Letter

Family Updates With the addition of Emily Rose Simons we have taken a couple months to bond as a growing family. It has been some much needed time. Thank you for allowing us to take a moment to grow together. Scott’s knee surgery and recovery has gone well. We will

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Are You Prepared?

There is no question that every year the weather gets crazier and crazier. With tornado season already in full affect, the experts tell us now that we can expect this hurricane season to be the worst in record. Even if you don’t live in tornado alley or the Gulf Coast

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