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Feb/March Partner Letter

February/March Partner We have spent the last four months serving alongside a Southern Baptist church, which some might seem odd for full gospel Bible School graduates to do.  I mean,  we don’t  really believe the same way about everything in the Bible, do we? Now you are the body of Christ,

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The Power of Hope

Hope can be a fickle condition. It comes as goes depending on how we feel. It seems to follow the lead of our emotional movements, showing up most prominent during moments of optimism. Hope is a very strong driving force that has been attributed to many people’s ability to overcome major obtacles in their lives.

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September Partner Letter

Hurricane Harvey Relief Update We are working in Beaumont, Texas with Amelia Baptist Church, doing flood relief work after Hurricane Harvey. We are very excited to be partnered with a pastor who has a real heart to make an impact in his community and the surrounding areas of Port Arthur

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