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A Quick Testimony

Recently we were asked to be a part of a three day Christian concert event called “The Big Ticket Festival”. We agreed, not really knowing how we would fit in. We made the best of our time in the skatepark hanging out with kids and skating around. On Saturday afternoon

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Joplin Relief in July/ August

I’ve been working toward Joplin relief for the past three weeks and have finally hit the point where it is a reality. Upon visiting Joplin to help on two separate one day trips, I knew it was time to get back into the field and start some hands on work

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Some Updates

I recently received an email from Pauline Herrera. She was writing me from Belize. She told me of all the things that she was doing during her time there. At the end of the email she wrote this: “I cannot appreciate and thank you enough for the bibles, it was

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Official RSUM Blog

This is the official Right Side Up Ministries blog. This blog will cover all things ministry related. The Finding God in America blog will still be going, but will have a more personal touch as Scott writes about his personal walk with God. There may be guest blogs from friends

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